Zorbing first originated in in the 1970’s. Zorbing is where a person is put inside a plastic ball and rolled down hill. A Zorb consists of two layers of plastic.An inside layer and an outside layer. with about a meter between them. In between these layer is a layer of  air which acts as a cushion. the rider is generally strapped to the inside of the zorb and rolled down a hill. These Zorbs are usually about 3 – 3.5 meters in diameter and some zorbs are able to strap two people into them.


Zorbing tracks are usually mounds of earth shaped like a bank to prevent the Zorb going astray. Some other tracks use are poles with wiring to prevent the ball from going astray. The zorbs go a range of different speeds obviously depending on your weight and more importantly the hill you have. The fastest speed ever recorded was50 kilometers per hour. Zorbing can also be done on water and some times even rapids Zorbing has excelled over the past few years and generally it is pretty easy to find a zorbing track near you. The dangers a very limited, if you are zorbing by yourself make sure the zorb can stop or has space to come to a stop and also make sure that nobody stands in the way of a zorb as it is rolling down hill.