Living Planet Report – (we are going to need two planets)

The Living Planet report revealed that we are demanding so much from the earth that by 2030 we will need more than two planets to support the growth population and demand on the earths surface. In 2007 bio capacity (earths ability to meet demand for water and natural materials)  was 50% above the earths ability to provide the natural materials we need. In the 70’s the living Planet report stated, we reached the earths capacity to provide these natural materials and not once have we gone below that level since then.

The Living Planet report also said Co2 levels have a distinct comparison to consumption levels and  of course the richest countries,the highest Co2 producers are also the highest consumers of the earths raw materials.

But a change has been noted by the Living Planet report. The Living Planet report states that our governments have started to make a change and report of growing support for renewable energies. We are also noticing stricter rules on water world wide and we have begun to notice how scarce and valuable it really is.The Living Planetreport states that 2.7 billion people living in water catchment areas that experience sever scarcity for at least one month of the year.

But all is not lost. The living Planet report goes on to state changes that we can make as a worldwide community. Over 1/3 of the longest rivers in the world are free flowing without one dam situated on them and suggests that this could have a huge impact.

The Living Planet report also goes on to mention about  tigers and how they are struggling. There is currently only 3,200 -3,500 Panthera tigers in the wild and they are under threat from poachers. Their prey is also depleting in numbers which is making it very hard for them to survive. The Living Planet report mentions too about river dolphins and how their numbers are reducing due to dolphins getting caught in fishing nets, over fishing (depleting in their pray) and pollution are all leading to the decline in their numbers. The Living Planet report also states that there is not much known about the river dolphin and is a”little understood”animal. The Living Planet report makes it clear how urgent action is needed to prevent the extinction of theses magnificent creatures.