US Open of Surfing

Vans, the famous surf and skating brand is holding the Us open of surfing at Huntington Beach which is due to get underway tomorrow morning (20th of July). Vans are bringing the surf, skate and hopefully sun to Huntington Beach, California and as per usual there is going to be a hopping party from the 20th to the 28th of July 2013. The skate park build has already begun and a Red Bull Stage which will feature artists such as Modest Mouse, The Faint, Twin Shadows as well as many more and is set to be the largest free concert of the year.

The Line up

Huntington Beach sunset
The surf isn’t expect to be massive but is expected to be nice and clean so we should see some nice little airs and good banter between the competitors.

There are a total of 99 men competing all the way from Kelly slater to Jesse Mendes who only recently turned twenty. There are 19 women competing including the asp ranking champion Tyler Wright who is only 19 years old.

There is also a men’s junior and women’s junior category who are worth watching and I’m sure there will be a few who will blow the crowd away.

Catching the Us open

Kelly Slater US open of surfing competitor

The vans Us open of surfing is one of the best surfing festivals all year with a great atmosphere as it is a free event with over a hundred of your favourite surfers, BMX riders and skaters. Unfortunately with an event like this it can be hard to catch the whole event live on the T.V. but thanks to the internet and of course Vans they have a webcam which will be broadcasting the events from Huntington Beach for the avid fans around the world on the Vans us surfing open website.