Top 10 accessories – Baja hoodie

10 things to wear with your baja hoodie

    1. The Baja hoodie is made from a light material so the best things to wear with them are beach items light denim shorts, light trousers, surf shorts etc.


    1. Beach hats are a great accessory to a baja hoodie especially if it is made from hemp or if you can find one with surfer flower.


    1. Flips are a must with your baja hoodie, wearing shoes (depending on the type)may make you look silly.


    1. If you are a girl a beach bag looks great with baja hoodies especially if it’s natural fibers.


    1. If you are a guy you can easily replace that beach bag with a fold out deck chair.


    1. If your not too into sitting down or carrying bags about and if your anyway active surf boards and the baja hoodie were made to go together.


    1. Sunglasses – Gauranteed to make you look cooler in your baja hoodie, nice big aviators and don’t forget to smile like Tom Cruise in top gun


    1. A bikini makes a great accessory to a baja hoodie as they are a great and fashionable time to throw over your self after a swim.


    1. Baja hoodies have always had a touch of hippie to them so bandanas fit right in with them


    1. Seen as baja hoodies are so cool and associated with the beach then we are going tohave to say Ice is the best accessory to a baja hoodie you could ever have.