The Inevitable Outcome – Global Warming

Greg Cravens Global Warming Theory

Greg Craven came up with this amazing video about global warming in 2007 where he managed to convince both the skeptics and hard core activists that we must agree on what action we take against global warming and all costs both parties want to avoid the end of the world. He puts both arguments next to each other on a white board, weighs up all the scenarios and out comes and makes you realise that there is only one out come everybody wants and that is to avoid the worst case scenario.

Lonely Sherpa View

But of course even if global warming isn’t true isn’t it better that we keep our planet clean and  make better use of the resources we have such as oil,gas and even the renewables such as wood  and glass. It is already evident that reduced CO2 emissions make for a better planet with smokeless coal, lower fuel emissions from cars (NCT) and we are starting to see large companies become aware of the amount of electricity that they use. Some are even looking at ways that even the electricity they use has come from a renewable source such as a wind farm or hydro plant. Greg Craven couldn’t be more right, we are all aiming for the one outcome when it comes to global warming ,a better more improved life for everyone.

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