The Green House Effect


Jim’s “Fab Tree Hab”


Jim Mitchell a well know urban developer who has a bright Idea wants to grow trees into the shape of houses.It’s called pleaching where trees are grafted together to make shapes,just like in the picture to your left. This technique has been around for centuries but has never been done on the scale that Jim wants to do it. Where trees are slowly twisted together to form a structure.He said they take 7-10 years to grow.



Jim wants to train plants into growing into a specific geometry to grow in a certain design just like in the image to your right. Jims has named his new style of housing “a fab tree hab”. There is virtually only pros to this idea. It fits into the environment,it is not only part of the landscape but is the landscape, they live on carbon. It’s a problem solver. We can slowly turn our cities into forests.

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