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US Open of Surfing

Vans, the famous surf and skating brand is holding the Us open of surfing at Huntington Beach which is due to get underway tomorrow morning (20th of July). Vans are bringing the surf, skate and hopefully sun to Huntington Beach, California and as per usual there is going to be a hopping party from the 20th to the 28th of July 2013. The skate park build has already begun and a Red Bull Stage which will feature artists such as Modest Mouse, The Faint, Twin Shadows as well as many more and is set to be the largest free concert of the year.

The Line up

Huntington Beach sunset
The surf isn’t expect to be massive but is expected to be nice and clean so we should see some nice little airs and good banter between the competitors.

There are a total of 99 men competing all the way from Kelly slater to Jesse Mendes who only recently turned twenty. There are 19 women competing including the asp ranking champion Tyler Wright who is only 19 years old.

There is also a men’s junior and women’s junior category who are worth watching and I’m sure there will be a few who will blow the crowd away.

Catching the Us open

Kelly Slater US open of surfing competitor

The vans Us open of surfing is one of the best surfing festivals all year with a great atmosphere as it is a free event with over a hundred of your favourite surfers, BMX riders and skaters. Unfortunately with an event like this it can be hard to catch the whole event live on the T.V. but thanks to the internet and of course Vans they have a webcam which will be broadcasting the events from Huntington Beach for the avid fans around the world on the Vans us surfing open website.

Why you should wear a Baja hoodie

Baja hoodies have been around for a long time, they are unique for their vintage look and their relaxed atmosphere created by their laid back ambience. There is something unique about this “hippie hoodie” that most other clothes don’t have. Because of it’s rarity and unusual  aspects the baja hoodie has started to creep back into the wardrobes of today’s youth. This versatile hoodie has many functions in everyday wear and as a new look at low key parties.

The general place to find Baja hoodies are similar places to beaches and Barbecue parties, places that are chilled out. Another great reason to wear a Baja hoodie is the surf style it creates. This hoodie is particularly popular among surfers and skaters alike and has always been a part of their community. The Baja hoodie is so versitile that there has always been a place for it in the fashion world especially now due to the recent vintage/ surfer craze. So to re-cap on the reason to get a Baja hoodie – relaxed,vintage, surfer style – perfect in many different social situations & always seems to have a spot light on it. I’m sure there are more reasons but this is enough for me for the time being!

Hippie hoodies arriving

Our latest stock is due in before the 10th of august and it is promising to have some great alternative apparel. Our newest hoodies are going to be 100% cotton and come in your favorite colours, blues and dark shades of green with grey and even darker grey!!!!. What more could you want in a hippie hoodie. The new hoodies are designed for the outdoor surfer type and are perfect to warm your self back up after a surf or a hillwalk whereyou’ve gotten caught in a shower.

One of our latest hoodies features a side zip that is unique to the lonely sherpa so it might be worth book marking this page to wait and see what we are about to bring to the market. You can be assured that our latest hoodies, along with our existing ones are of the best quality adding to our selection of great jumpers. We have plans to bring back our heavy, double knit hoodies which are a personal favourite. We should hopefully have our woolen wear ready and for sale for early to mid September.

We hope to bring you new and exciting news about our products as it unfolds. Make sure to book mark this site and return to see our latest stock

Vintage Surfer Baja Hoodies

Mexican Baja hoodies were once used by surfers all over the world. They became an icon surfing item through the 70’s along the coast of California. Surfers would have regularly gone surfing the golden beaches of the Mexican coast line and bought clothing on the way back. Baja hooodies were the perfect hoodie for keeping the breeze and the sun away why remain light enough that you wern’t sweating for the whole day. These Baja hoodies come in many shapes and sizes from a normal hoodie to a poncho style.  Now Baja hoodies are rapidly returning to the main stream clothing line with a vintage surfer edge. Baja hoodies are also perfect for the climates in Ireland and the United Kingdom and this summer we should see a huge trend increase in the number of perfect surfer hoodies around the coast. The Baja hoodie fits right in with the current trend of vintage clothing which has swept the county for the past few months. Make sure to get your perfect vintage surfer mexican Baja hoodie/poncho this summer.

Baja hoodies are avaialble worldwide through this site!

When you buy two Baja hoodies you get free shipping to Ireland and the United Kingdom.