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Bring back the Baja Hoodie

Bringing back the baja hoodie has commenced! This Phenomena has swept the west coast of America and is soon to sweep the west coast of Europe, starting with Ireland and the United Kingdom (U.K.). It has been a while since these hoodies were in fashion  and now it’s time for them to shine again. Once an Icon of the hippies it is making it’s way to the top again. With the biggest surf brands making their own version of the infamous hoodie it won’t be long before every one has to have one. It was only recently that these mexican baja hoodie became popular. But in our opinion we thing the original still has it. The new brands such as quicksilver and rip curl have added their own touches which don’t particularly add to the jumper but only puts these brands mark on them. A common tactic for a brand to use when endorsing and already massive product. The trends however indicate that people don’t want this, they want the real deal, the original. The west coast of america has proven this and judging from this Europe is to follow with Ireland and the U.k. taking the first step where the youth has grasped onto this unique style that has last through the decades.

A new generation with the same concept is great to see and really shows a bit of hope for the future. Every baja hoodie I see brings a smile to me as I know that, that person has what other people don’t have and thats individuality.


Alternative Weekend Breaks in Ireland

Weekend breaks can be very predictable and often repetitive, no matter how many times you change the location. By changing what you do on your weekend breaks you will make a huge difference to your experience.Ireland has what you are looking for it’s just been buried behind city break adverts and B&B specials . . . . .


Irelands back garden is full of wonderful cycle tracks that are waiting to be discovered. All you need is a bike and away you go. From the ring of Kerry to the Atlantic drive in Donegal it’s all linked together giving you an endless choice of routes. A break like this isn’t just about getting out for the exercise but it’s about seeing the country side from a different view point. Cycling the back roads of Co. Clare or Co. Galway makes you part of the nature .Being able to give the locals a wave and say hello as you pass through their homes is an option that not many modes of transport have.

Bike can be easily rented near any of the popular cycling routes.



Inland kayaking can be a lot of fun as a weekend break. Often taking you to little villages that wouldn’t even enter your head to stop and visit.
Getting a kayak instructor is strongly advised. Plus they are generally the people who find all the gear for you and know the best places to see. there are loads of lakes dotted around the country which make ideal weekend get-a-ways and immerse you right into nature. Alternatively you can go along the coast where you can kayak with dolphins or have a starring contest with a seal,look at the fantastic coast line from the sea and best of all you get a big face full of fresh air.


Walking is one of the best ways to take in the Irish landscape and with more and more clubs popping up and an increasing interest from tourist it can only get better. You can find walking routes in almost every county and most tourist information offices will give you information on the walks. Different parts of the country give different adventure. Some give fantastic views and some give you an up close experience of nature but what they all give you is a nice break away from everything. Walking is one of the cheapest ways of getting about and one of the most rewarding.

Hopefully these ideas will start the ball rolling with an alternative weekend for you and hopefully they will lead to many more adventures in the future