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Hippie clothing

Earlier today I was asked what makes a garment a hippie garment. I replied it was colours and unusual designs and patterns, but what gives our clothes a hippie edge is the main stream touches we add. We don’t go over board with mad hippie colors, we get them just right. We don’t fair sleeves or add pixy hoods to our collection of mens hippie hoodies, We keep it simple with a touch of hippie and a  touch of main stream. Main stream colours and  a main stream design with hippie materials and alternative touches.

When we design or think of new clothes we aren’t looking for either, we are looking for something that expresses who you are and if hippie/main stream is that then you’ve found it. We think there are a lot of people out there who like the hippie thing and don’t want to be accociated with the big main stream brands. They want to be them selves “Lonely Sherpa, – Hippie clothing” or what ever you want to call it expresses each individual. We really have got some thing for every one here. Form hippie dresses for women and mens hippie hoodies you’ll find something that expresses who you are.

We are currently only stocking our Baja hoodie but there are a lot more products on the way soon.


Baja Hoodie


We just got in our latest hoodies, Baja hoodies. These Hoodies are great for days out with the friends and general casual wear. We have gotten them in a load of different colours and sizes. The Baja hoodies are made in mexico and designed for use in the sun and the cool nights under the stars.





Barbecues, Garden drinks and day trips make for just some of the perfect places for this Baja hoodie. These bright and colour full hoodies capture the chilled-out look your looking for.Baja hoodies go exceedingly well with light or dark jeans, combats and nearly every type of casual clothing. The Baja hoodie is mainly worn over a garment, usually a T-shirt. Perfect for throwing over your shoulders after a swim at the beach. Once you have a Baja hoodie you will wonder how you ever lived with out one.
Brilliantly convenient!