Soap Box Racing

Soap box racing is where a man made Kart, which you could probably call a boy made is propelled down hill at high speeds. There can be teams of two or individuals but there is usually a team of people that build the kart/box. Soap box races can be found almost anywhere in the world and are very inclusive of every body with soap box teams often ranging from 18+ to 50+. Soap box karts can be any shape and size however there is generally some weight restrictions and there are rule books.A bit surprising for such a relaxed sport. If your anyway interested in hearing them click on the button

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Those rules are for the “All American Soap Box Derby” which is a governing body and lays down the international laws of soap box racing. Of course it is not always played by the rules and in 1973 a 14 year old used an electromagnetic magnet to help him win the title.Soap box racing goes right the way back to 1934.

The people who take it seriously will have stream lined soap boxes and will take great pride what they have built, however there is always the other teams who are there for having a bit of fun and often come up the wackiest soap boxes.