Finding the right clothes online can be almost impossible sometimes but with the help of “Google Images” it can be turned into a fun and useful method to find what you want.


Our first step is to find a picture you like,mainly focusing on colours more so than style.

Google recognizes colour a lot better than style, Google will ask for a description to help with the style later!




First you will need to copy and paste the image URL (pictures web address) this can be easily done by hovering the cursor(mouse arrow) over the image and right clicking on your mouse.A drop down list of options will appear and one of them will say “Copy image URL” – Click on this one

Hover mouse arrow over the image

right click to get the drop down menu

choose option, “Copy image URL”[/one_half]



If it’s a printed/polaroid photo (from the 90’s) you will need to scan it into your computer. I’m afraid I can’t help this one as all scanners are different

If it’s a digital photo upload it to your computer


Scan/upload a picture to your computer[/one_half_last]



Every body will begin from this page here,”Google Images“.In your own window click on the little camera icon highlighted in red here after you have uploaded or copied your image/photo.


[one_half]Paste your image URL into the text bar by right clicking on the text bar and selecting “paste”

[one_half_last]Click on “upload an image”,then click “choose file”.Then choose your photo from your computer.

Click search and Google will search all of its websites for that particular image. I used one of our own hoodies – Baja Hoodie, but you can do it with anything, a dress, zip hoodie, pants etc.

Google also asks you to describe the image, we described our hoodie as a “vintage surfer hoodie”

Google Gave us other possible “vintage surfer hoodies” in similar colour.

You will notice that the more descriptive you are the better the results, “sleeveless vintage . . . . “

This can generally work with any picture, for example a flower you like.

Just describe the image of a flower as a dress or hoodie and Google will return

the dress or hoodie in the colour of that particular flower

In this case we got an image of a red flower and described it as a dress

Google gave us loads of images for – Red dresses

The more descriptive you are the better your success, I hope this helps you find what you are looking for!

Comments and feed back are welcomed