Mr. Happy man

Mr Happy Man, is an 88 year old man from bermuda thats gives up his day to spread happiness across his island make him one of the islands most cherished people.

Johnny Barnes spends 6 hours a day waving, saying hello and telling people he loves them at a roundabout on the Bermuda islands.It all start way before the roundabout was even there, a railway line use to go through where the roundabout is now situated. Johnny Barnes use to go down to the railway everyday during his lunch hour and sit on the wall shouting out at people “I love you, have a good day”.

Johnny is there come rain or shine and every day sets out to make people happy.

“One of the greatest joys that can come to an individual, is when you are doing something and helping others and you can see the reaction on their face”

Johnny Barnes is an icon on the Bermuda islands and always puts a smile on people face. The islanders have been so emotionally touched by Johnny Barnes that they have built a statue to show their appreciation for his love that he spreads every day and how he has touched their lives.

Every time you wake up you now know that,

Johnny Barnes loves you!