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BEES,BEES AND LESS BEES – (Save the bees)

At the Lonely Sherpa we feel it is important to be connected to your surroundings and actively get involved in making a difference. Of course don’t get us wrong we like to keep you lovely and warm in our lovely wool hoodies but we feel that our environment must come first. So today we are letting you know all about the bees and their rapid decline. Without the bees by the way there would be no lonely Sherpa wool hoodies as sheep would struggle to exist.

Bees are in decline, help them.Over the past six years people and scientists have wondered why the bee population has declined so dramatically but the answer isn’t that obvious. In fact we still aren’t entirely sure what is causing this. Some people think it is down to bad winters and summer (global warming) which have triggered a series of events causing pandemonium in the bee’s food chain. That theory is that as the climate has dropped significantly so has the bee’s ability to survive as plants have not been pollinating as much. Makes sense, I for one was even convinced that this was true this summer as I noticed that because the summer was hotter (in Ireland)than usual  there seemed to be more bees. It all made sense, we needed hotter summers so in turn we needed to look after our plants that little bit better by creating a greener planet and tackling global warming

That was all fine until I heard about an article/study released recently which mentioned Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) which was undertaken by the  University of Maryland and the US Department of Agriculture who recon that this problem has cost America 10 million bees and almost 2 billion dollars. The study looked at how pesticides and other chemicals may be affecting bees and in particular one disease known as Nosema infection which they thought might be causing the Colony Collapse Disorder. They discovered that the pesticides used to kill fungus on fruits such as apples and cranberries could be causing the sharp decline in bees as when the bees consume the pesticides (which are labelled as non-harmful) the bees immune system becomes weakened and the Nosema infection can not only kill that bee but will soon after wipe out an entire colony.

Pollinating High way for the beesI’m sure you can’t blame the farmers for wanting to protect their crop and after all the pesticides are labelled as non-lethal to insects and are specifically for fungus but it sounds like this needs to change. To end this post on a positive note though, closer to home we are realising the terrible effect this may have on our food chain as bees are an important part of the source of our food.  The government is trying to introducing legislation to open up a super highway but one for nature and in particular the bees. They are trying to create 3,000 miles of pollinating flowers and plants to encourage migration from all pollinating insects who are believed to pollinate 90% of Britain’s food crop. It is said that there are only 50% of the pollinating insects that were here 25 years ago making the bee’s job a hundred times harder.

It is all fairly alarming but you are probably wondering what you can do. Well there are a few things, first off is to make sure your pesticides are insect friendly and try and refrain from using them during pollination periods. The second thing is to increase the amount of flowers and pollinating plants in your area so it gives the insects a chance to find pollen and of course if you really want to help you could possibly invest in a bee hive if you have the time and money.

The Inevitable Outcome – Global Warming

Greg Cravens Global Warming Theory

Greg Craven came up with this amazing video about global warming in 2007 where he managed to convince both the skeptics and hard core activists that we must agree on what action we take against global warming and all costs both parties want to avoid the end of the world. He puts both arguments next to each other on a white board, weighs up all the scenarios and out comes and makes you realise that there is only one out come everybody wants and that is to avoid the worst case scenario.

Lonely Sherpa View

But of course even if global warming isn’t true isn’t it better that we keep our planet clean and  make better use of the resources we have such as oil,gas and even the renewables such as wood  and glass. It is already evident that reduced CO2 emissions make for a better planet with smokeless coal, lower fuel emissions from cars (NCT) and we are starting to see large companies become aware of the amount of electricity that they use. Some are even looking at ways that even the electricity they use has come from a renewable source such as a wind farm or hydro plant. Greg Craven couldn’t be more right, we are all aiming for the one outcome when it comes to global warming ,a better more improved life for everyone.



US Open of Surfing

Vans, the famous surf and skating brand is holding the Us open of surfing at Huntington Beach which is due to get underway tomorrow morning (20th of July). Vans are bringing the surf, skate and hopefully sun to Huntington Beach, California and as per usual there is going to be a hopping party from the 20th to the 28th of July 2013. The skate park build has already begun and a Red Bull Stage which will feature artists such as Modest Mouse, The Faint, Twin Shadows as well as many more and is set to be the largest free concert of the year.

The Line up

Huntington Beach sunset
The surf isn’t expect to be massive but is expected to be nice and clean so we should see some nice little airs and good banter between the competitors.

There are a total of 99 men competing all the way from Kelly slater to Jesse Mendes who only recently turned twenty. There are 19 women competing including the asp ranking champion Tyler Wright who is only 19 years old.

There is also a men’s junior and women’s junior category who are worth watching and I’m sure there will be a few who will blow the crowd away.

Catching the Us open

Kelly Slater US open of surfing competitor

The vans Us open of surfing is one of the best surfing festivals all year with a great atmosphere as it is a free event with over a hundred of your favourite surfers, BMX riders and skaters. Unfortunately with an event like this it can be hard to catch the whole event live on the T.V. but thanks to the internet and of course Vans they have a webcam which will be broadcasting the events from Huntington Beach for the avid fans around the world on the Vans us surfing open website.

Winter woollies coming to an end

Our winter stock for 2012 is slowly coming to a stand still. We have had a wonderful Christmas and are pleased to have gained so many new customers who we hope will return for our new collection in spring which will feature wool hoodies along with other men and women’s wear for those hot days they are predicting for summer 2013. Our plan for 2013 is to continue with our market stall in the Limerick Milk Market and our online store. We will be visiting other markets and fairs so stay tuned to hear about where we will be.


Why you should wear a Baja hoodie

Baja hoodies have been around for a long time, they are unique for their vintage look and their relaxed atmosphere created by their laid back ambience. There is something unique about this “hippie hoodie” that most other clothes don’t have. Because of it’s rarity and unusual  aspects the baja hoodie has started to creep back into the wardrobes of today’s youth. This versatile hoodie has many functions in everyday wear and as a new look at low key parties.

The general place to find Baja hoodies are similar places to beaches and Barbecue parties, places that are chilled out. Another great reason to wear a Baja hoodie is the surf style it creates. This hoodie is particularly popular among surfers and skaters alike and has always been a part of their community. The Baja hoodie is so versitile that there has always been a place for it in the fashion world especially now due to the recent vintage/ surfer craze. So to re-cap on the reason to get a Baja hoodie – relaxed,vintage, surfer style – perfect in many different social situations & always seems to have a spot light on it. I’m sure there are more reasons but this is enough for me for the time being!

Baja hoodie in fashion

Baja hoodies are something unusual, worn by the greatest and fashion legends. Throughout it’s time  the Baja hoodie has developed a status in our society that seems to be never ending. First the hippies of the 70’s wore Baja hoodies. The Baja hoodie became an every day type of hippie hoodie, it’s diversability (can be died easily) strong quality material is what they loved about it. This young and free spirit image that the hippie community created around the Baja hoodie has filtered down to the  youth of today.

Modern society has once again taken the Baja hoodie and made it into a unique fashion item giving it a new lease of light. Baja hoodies tend to come in and out of fashion like T-shirts and shorts in summer. The great thing about Baja hoodies is that they are very versatile, they can be worn almost anywhere. Because of their materials ability to be died in so many different colours you will nearly always be able to find the colour you want.

Finding a Baja hoodie is fairly easy to find online  as there are quiet a few online stores that sell them, one being the Baja Hoodie section at the Lonely Sherpa. Thats just one in the U.K. ( a lot of the american stores don’t ship to Ireland & if they do the shipping cost are enormous you will also have to pay tax). However find one in a shop on the street could be a different story altogether, Baja hoodies are not branded by anyone in particular so to find a Baja hoodie in a shop would be highly unlikely especially a shop like Vermoda or  Awear. I don’t think you’ll find them easier than online and if you do it will probably be double the price.

But once you get your new Baja hoodie you’ll be able to show it off at barbecues, house parties at the beach and even when lazing about on the couch. It’s perfect for any situation and I think that is one of the reasons that is has become so popular and has been always been apart of society. It’s a must have that will never go out of fashion


Finding the right clothes online can be almost impossible sometimes but with the help of “Google Images” it can be turned into a fun and useful method to find what you want.


Our first step is to find a picture you like,mainly focusing on colours more so than style.

Google recognizes colour a lot better than style, Google will ask for a description to help with the style later!




First you will need to copy and paste the image URL (pictures web address) this can be easily done by hovering the cursor(mouse arrow) over the image and right clicking on your mouse.A drop down list of options will appear and one of them will say “Copy image URL” – Click on this one

Hover mouse arrow over the image

right click to get the drop down menu

choose option, “Copy image URL”[/one_half]



If it’s a printed/polaroid photo (from the 90’s) you will need to scan it into your computer. I’m afraid I can’t help this one as all scanners are different

If it’s a digital photo upload it to your computer


Scan/upload a picture to your computer[/one_half_last]



Every body will begin from this page here,”Google Images“.In your own window click on the little camera icon highlighted in red here after you have uploaded or copied your image/photo.


[one_half]Paste your image URL into the text bar by right clicking on the text bar and selecting “paste”

[one_half_last]Click on “upload an image”,then click “choose file”.Then choose your photo from your computer.

Click search and Google will search all of its websites for that particular image. I used one of our own hoodies – Baja Hoodie, but you can do it with anything, a dress, zip hoodie, pants etc.

Google also asks you to describe the image, we described our hoodie as a “vintage surfer hoodie”

Google Gave us other possible “vintage surfer hoodies” in similar colour.

You will notice that the more descriptive you are the better the results, “sleeveless vintage . . . . “

This can generally work with any picture, for example a flower you like.

Just describe the image of a flower as a dress or hoodie and Google will return

the dress or hoodie in the colour of that particular flower

In this case we got an image of a red flower and described it as a dress

Google gave us loads of images for – Red dresses

The more descriptive you are the better your success, I hope this helps you find what you are looking for!

Comments and feed back are welcomed

Top 10 accessories – Baja hoodie

10 things to wear with your baja hoodie

    1. The Baja hoodie is made from a light material so the best things to wear with them are beach items light denim shorts, light trousers, surf shorts etc.


    1. Beach hats are a great accessory to a baja hoodie especially if it is made from hemp or if you can find one with surfer flower.


    1. Flips are a must with your baja hoodie, wearing shoes (depending on the type)may make you look silly.


    1. If you are a girl a beach bag looks great with baja hoodies especially if it’s natural fibers.


    1. If you are a guy you can easily replace that beach bag with a fold out deck chair.


    1. If your not too into sitting down or carrying bags about and if your anyway active surf boards and the baja hoodie were made to go together.


    1. Sunglasses – Gauranteed to make you look cooler in your baja hoodie, nice big aviators and don’t forget to smile like Tom Cruise in top gun


    1. A bikini makes a great accessory to a baja hoodie as they are a great and fashionable time to throw over your self after a swim.


    1. Baja hoodies have always had a touch of hippie to them so bandanas fit right in with them


    1. Seen as baja hoodies are so cool and associated with the beach then we are going tohave to say Ice is the best accessory to a baja hoodie you could ever have.


Hippie clothing

Earlier today I was asked what makes a garment a hippie garment. I replied it was colours and unusual designs and patterns, but what gives our clothes a hippie edge is the main stream touches we add. We don’t go over board with mad hippie colors, we get them just right. We don’t fair sleeves or add pixy hoods to our collection of mens hippie hoodies, We keep it simple with a touch of hippie and a  touch of main stream. Main stream colours and  a main stream design with hippie materials and alternative touches.

When we design or think of new clothes we aren’t looking for either, we are looking for something that expresses who you are and if hippie/main stream is that then you’ve found it. We think there are a lot of people out there who like the hippie thing and don’t want to be accociated with the big main stream brands. They want to be them selves “Lonely Sherpa, – Hippie clothing” or what ever you want to call it expresses each individual. We really have got some thing for every one here. Form hippie dresses for women and mens hippie hoodies you’ll find something that expresses who you are.

We are currently only stocking our Baja hoodie but there are a lot more products on the way soon.


Hippie hoodies arriving

Our latest stock is due in before the 10th of august and it is promising to have some great alternative apparel. Our newest hoodies are going to be 100% cotton and come in your favorite colours, blues and dark shades of green with grey and even darker grey!!!!. What more could you want in a hippie hoodie. The new hoodies are designed for the outdoor surfer type and are perfect to warm your self back up after a surf or a hillwalk whereyou’ve gotten caught in a shower.

One of our latest hoodies features a side zip that is unique to the lonely sherpa so it might be worth book marking this page to wait and see what we are about to bring to the market. You can be assured that our latest hoodies, along with our existing ones are of the best quality adding to our selection of great jumpers. We have plans to bring back our heavy, double knit hoodies which are a personal favourite. We should hopefully have our woolen wear ready and for sale for early to mid September.

We hope to bring you new and exciting news about our products as it unfolds. Make sure to book mark this site and return to see our latest stock

Bring back the Baja Hoodie

Bringing back the baja hoodie has commenced! This Phenomena has swept the west coast of America and is soon to sweep the west coast of Europe, starting with Ireland and the United Kingdom (U.K.). It has been a while since these hoodies were in fashion  and now it’s time for them to shine again. Once an Icon of the hippies it is making it’s way to the top again. With the biggest surf brands making their own version of the infamous hoodie it won’t be long before every one has to have one. It was only recently that these mexican baja hoodie became popular. But in our opinion we thing the original still has it. The new brands such as quicksilver and rip curl have added their own touches which don’t particularly add to the jumper but only puts these brands mark on them. A common tactic for a brand to use when endorsing and already massive product. The trends however indicate that people don’t want this, they want the real deal, the original. The west coast of america has proven this and judging from this Europe is to follow with Ireland and the U.k. taking the first step where the youth has grasped onto this unique style that has last through the decades.

A new generation with the same concept is great to see and really shows a bit of hope for the future. Every baja hoodie I see brings a smile to me as I know that, that person has what other people don’t have and thats individuality.


Baja hoodies United Kingdom & Ireland

Our Baja hoodies at the lonely sherpa are now only €37.50 including free shipping to United Kingdom and Ireland. The baja hoodies on sale at the lonely sherpa are of high quality and come in an arry of bright colours. Every baja hoodie on the lonely sherpa’s online store originates from mexico, making every baja hoodie an authentic mexican baja hoodie.

Baja Hoodie UK

Baja hoodies are rapidly becoming the most in demand hoodie across the uk. Baja Hoodies are rapidly becoming popular with women and are seen to be worn on beaches  dotted around the uk. Baja hoodies have a massive history in the U.K. similar to America baja hoodies were very popular with the youth and rebellious hippy era of the 70’s and 80’s. During the 90’s they were also quiet popular but this new style of wearing a baja hoodie is going to sweep the country.Baja hoodies have always been a house-hold favorite in the U.K. but they are now getting what can only be described as an umph. Fashion stylists are loving the new trend and it’s perfect for the beach this year! It is amazing how Baja Hoodies, so simple can be so diverse and last through all these years. It is fantastic to see two eras of the baja hoodie especially in the U.K. flourish.

Baja hoodies are not just a fashion icon in the U.K. they are also a symbol for the surfing community. They have and always will be, there is no question about it.A surfer not having a baja hoodie is almost like a business man with out a suit. Baja hoodies have some how found their way into the closet of every hippie, surfer, gamer, fashion enthusiast, and with out fail you can categorise all your friends into these categories. Chances are is that at least one of your friends already has one.

Buying a baja hoodie is more than just an exchange, it’s an exceptance and a welcome to a community that has been around for years. A community that attracts and involves it’s members. It is great to see such a community survive through the years and continue to flourish

Baja hoodie – or – Drug rug?

For many years the baja hoodie has been associated with the stoner surfer or skater. The baja hoodie was seen as a late teenage phase in there with the rebellious phase. This is how the baja hoodie became know as the “drug rug”. It is unfortunate the baja hoodie has gotten this name but baja hoodies seem to be giving the fashion industry another whack.

Over the past few years the popularity of the baja hoodie died. Giving it the break it needed to recuperate after its party years with freshers and  school leavers. Just like every bodt the baja hoodie grew up a little bit in this time and matured.Baja hoodies have taken an unusual turn and are coming back as a fashion icon. Girls across the world are trying to get their hands on a baja hoodie and they want to get on them fast. Here at the lonely sherpa we have a great selection of for you to find the perfect baja hoodie. Whats even better is if you living in Ireland or the U.K. you’ll get free shipping. Get your baja hoodie today

Finding the Right Baja Hoodie

How to tell if your buying the right baja hoodie

  • Where is the baja hoodie made?
             Even though they say the baja hoodie is not Mexican, buying a baja hoodie from mexico sure makes a difference. Preferably you want to get  a baja hoodie from Tijuana if you can get into particulars with the seller how ever it is not too much of a concern
  • How much the baja hoodie is?
            Baja hoodies are generally priced between €30 – €45. If you see a baja hoodie for more than this you are probably being ripped off, if you see a baja hoodie for less than this it’s probably not the best quality but you can’t go wrong if it’s less than €30.
  • Make sure your baja hoodie is not second hand

A lot of people have owned a baja hoodie and often you will find them on second hand websites. Do not buy them as there is generally a good reason for their sale. Generally the elbows of the baja hoodies get worn down after ten years and a lot of people selling baja hoodies second had are cleaning out their closest. ( the fact though that people still have their baja hoodies ten years later is a good indication that the baja hoodie is pretty good )

  • Buy from the nearest e-store

Whenever you are buying something oonline it is always worth paying a couple extra euros to get it from a local e-store as there is less complications if things go wrong when buying your baja hoodie.

Baja hoodies and the 70’s

Baja hoodies were an icon of the 70’s hippie colonies on the west coast of America, to be precise mainly California. California is situated right next to the Mexican border which made it particularly easy for the baja hoodie to find it’s way into this explosive community of hippies.

Baja hoodies were well suited to the hippies as they were handmade and organic a lot of the time and the hippies loved this side to the hoodie. It wasn’t long before nearly every hippie in town was wearing a baja hoodie. The baja hoodies bright colours and alternative style struck gold with the hippies and finally found it’s home. It wasn’t long though before the hippie colonies started to die of in the late 70’s and 80’s and with it the era of the baja hoodie too.

In the ever lasting vintage trend at the minute, baja hoodies are coming back into fashion. The once hippie icon is making it’s way back as a vintage hoodie so make sure to get yours soon.

Circle boards

Mark Gonzales is an american professional skate boarder and artist. A recent abstract art piece the mark created was the circle board. The circle board has been a phenomena and mark has been seen in New York and Paris playing around with his invention. In the picture you can see how simple his design is but catchy and innovative as well.Mark has been a huge influence on the skating community and still is.

Animals on top of climate change

A recent study predicts that 9 percent of animals in the western hemisphere will not find safety from our rapidly changing earth and in some regions the number could be as high as 40%. This si becasue the animals will not be able to move, adapt and realize the urgency of moving. Scientists predict that primates will be the worst effected,  tamaris, spider monkeys, marmosets and howler monkeys will struggle immensely to survive the current raging climate change. Some of these primates are already endangered.The most likely animals to come out on top are the carnivores, coyotes and wolves, deer and caribou are all likely to survive along with species such as anteaters and armadillos.

Balancing blocks

Fort standard is a contemporary design studio in Germany. Both Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings, owners studied at Bauhaus University in Weimar. through their inovative minds they created this amazing tempory art call balancing blocks and to promote their product they made a particularly smart video show how their balancing blocks are made. Balancing blocks are little stone sized wooden blocks shaped in an unusual way to create a fun game of balancing.Balancing blocks are available in white and the three other primary colours giving them a contemporary look.  Check out the video