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Ireland Travel Tips

25 tips when traveling in Ireland.

Tip # 1

Always have an umbrella when traveling around Ireland you never when it’s going to rain.

Tip # 2

Learn how to pronounce the word “leprechaun” lep-ree-caw-n

Tip # 3

People from Ireland speak very fast so it’s best to listen to a few Irish documentaries or Brendan Gleeson films before arriving on the emerald isle

Tip # 4

Brush up on some Irish slang, Ireland has a lot of words unique to their island. The words yoke, cat, savage and shift all have very different meanings.

Tip # 5

A pint of Guinness is poured in two parts, don’t take your drink off the bar until it is filled to the top.

Tip # 6

Learn a little about the Irish heritage, especially about British rule.

Tip # 7

Research music events before coming and discover where you can fit an Irish music session into your itinerary.

Tip # 8

The Guinness store house is half a tourist attraction, half a marketing ploy so don’t make it your number one thing to do.

Tip # 9

The Irish have a great sense of humour but its sometimes sarcastic, brush up on our sarcasm.

Tip # 10

Ireland, being an island has some of the best fish cuisine any atlantic coastline has to offer, try some.

Tip # 11

Try pudding at least twice, once for the white and once for the black.

Tip # 12

Try Guinness stew, especially on a cold day.

Tip # 13

Get to the west coast of Ireland – its where the magic is.

Tip # 14

Slainte, pronounced slaw-int-ya means cheers in Irish.

Tip # 15

The Clare coast line is in the top 10 coastlines in Europe.

Tip # 16

Supermac’s (irish fast food chain) is the best cuisine in Ireland according to locals, you should try it after 4 or 5 pints.

Tip # 17

You can see the northern lights in the North of Ireland, they are only here a few days in the year.

Tip # 18

Westport is the tidiest town in Ireland.

Tip # 19

Donegal and Sligo are the best places to surf in Ireland.

Tip # 20

Kilkee, Co Clare is considered to be one of the top dive spots in Europe.

Tip # 21

The Puck Fair in Kerry is 400+ years old, one of the oldest fairs in Ireland. 10th, 11th and 12th of august annually. Get to it if you are here then.

Tip # 22

The Claddagh ring was invented in Co.Galway, probably the place to get one if you are ever going to get one.

Tip # 23

Ireland had a pirate princess named Grainne in Co.Mayo, do a bit of research as many of her castles and stories still exist.

Tip # 24

Ireland has magic roads, where cars can roll up hills.

Tip # 25

Galway is the most arts orientated city in Ireland and probably has the best craic as well.