Homemade slip n slides

With the recent spell of good weather we have been getting (in Ireland) now is the perfect time to go out and build your own slip n slide.

What you will need is:

One big hill, preferably that ends with water

Unlimited amounts of plastic sheeting

soapy water

Don’t forget friends! the last thing you want is a big slide and nobody to show it to when your going down.


How good your slip n slide is depends on how good your hill is. You can have turns and jumps in your slip n slide too so don’t ┬árule out hills that end suddenly, just make your slip n slide into a bend. obviously the steeper the hill the faster your slip n slide will be.

Now that you have your hill, lay out your plastic sheeting and make sure it is spread out correctly, bumps or folds may be unpleasant as your sliding down your slip n slide. Any turns make sure you have made a bank for them and any jumps make sure the take of is smooth and landing.

Add a lot of soapy water from the top down and make sure you have a bucket full for every time somebody takes off down it. The mixture of soap and water will add to your speed down the slip n slide.

Enjoy the sun and hope you have fun!