Hippie Van

Hippie vans


Our most recent hippie van, the T4.
Now comes in obviously a variety of comforts and big engines in comparison to the original Type 2. This new hippie van gives you all the comforts of a modern day penthouse. The style has changed but it’s status hasn’t. still craved by out door enthusiasts and people who can’t afford one the T4 does the job it’s meant to, a place to live. You could easily move into this hippie van and live in it for extended periods of time. If  not forever.





This tent like hippie van is best for living in for weekends only. however, it is not an official hippie van but it definitely deserves the attention we are going to give it. Designed for  the modern hippie who has no money at all, the hippie van tent is a cheap and cost effective alternative. If you want to be the cool guy on the camp site though makes sure know where the local hippie vans are heading as you will look like a fool if a real hippie van pulls up next to you.





 This hippie van is for the people who like to express them selves. Driving this hippie van will put a smile on you face every morning. The looks you get from people passing lets you know how envious they are. The inside, usually vintage style also has every thing you need. This van can be pricey though unless you buy a broken one and do it up. Expect to get some really cool new friends when you get one.







 The snow mobile hippie van / D.J. set, a personal favorite of mine. It’s tracks allow you to get to all the parties in the middle of the sand dunes and even better your probably going to be the party. Plenty of room for an after party inside, I’d give this camper a thumbs up.






 This ones an eye grabber. I have looked at this one now for a while and I still don’t get how your going to get in. I’ll give it very creative but as far as hippie vans go it is looking like it could be very impractical.