Full Moon bonanza


This weekend on May the 5th is when the biggest full moon of 2012 will be arriving in Ireland. 11.35p.m. will be the precise time at which the full moon will be fully visible. The reason the moon will be so big is because the moon will be the closest to the earth, approximately 221,802 miles from the surface making the biggest full moon of 2012.According to meteorologist Joe Rao the reason for this supermoon is because the moon is not on a a circular orbit but an oval orbit.The brightness of the full moon is due to be 16% brighter than usual .T


What effects can we see on earth from this super full moon, meteorologists do not expect much out of the norm but tides are expected to be higher than usual (at high tides) and lower (at low tide). The full moon or super full moon is expected to have 42% more tidal force then when the moon is at it’s furthest distance away from earth. The date at which the moon will be at it’s furthest away from earth will be on November 28th 2012.



Your chances of seeing the full moon are relatively high with Met Eireann predicting light showers and light cloud. You should be able to get glimpse of it at some stage during the night over your bank holiday weekend.