Dog Lovers

I’m guessing a lot of people have a dog/had a dog or have some sort of connection to a dog.I’m also going to guess that 80% – 90% of dog lovers have at some stage tried to talk to their dog. Well it’s good news for these dog lovers as scientist have now realised that we haven’t been wasting our time. A recent study carried out by Oporto University shows that dogs react to their owners actions. Dogs are so much in touch with their owners actions that they are more responsive to sound than sight. Scientist first noted this with the human yawn. Much like we do when we yawn it can become viral. We have all seen this happen but apparently when a dog hears a yawn (especially from their owners) dogs are more likely to have the same reaction humans do and have to yawn as a consequence.

How they discovered this was by recording 29 dog lovers / owners yawning and then place each of the dogs into a separate room, played the recording of the dog lovers / owners back and they found that dogs are five times more likely to yawn when they hear their owners yawn. Another study at the University of London’s Birkbeck College has had results that dogs will mimic human yawn 3/4 of the time.

So to all the dog lovers out there, don’t be afraid to talk to your dog because Oporto University have proved it’s not totally insane!