Bad Tattoo

Trailing through the net last night I found a few very poorly though out tattoos. Ranging from celebrities faces and massive corporate logos being tattooed onto the body.


You can clearly see that this is quiet a bad tattoo. It is a bad tattoo for a number of reasons. One being the choice of image. An image of an Ice cream is definitely not recommended. The second thing to note is that this bad tattoo is also on the face. If your tattoo is bad and only going to make sense to you don’t get it on your face.




Another bad tattoo is this on of judge Judy. There is a comical side to it but it is still in there in bad tattoos. If a bit more though was put into this it might have been nice but judge Judy isn’t the best person to get tattooed onto your arm.




You will have to give this tattoo some thing for it’s creativity. But it doesn’t make any sense this is definitely a bad tattoo, it makes no sense what so ever. Wolverine and a pink pony? Questions have to risen by someone when they got it done.

Last but not least is this lacoste logo. You can get it more wrong than that.