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Grass Path

Gaëlle Villedary is a french artist who was given a project for the celebration of an art and nature trail of a french town called Jaujac.Gaëlle Villedary called his creation “Red Carpet”. The idea is to try and link the nature out side the town and the town itself. It consists of 168 sod rolls and adds up to over 400 meters in length.

He was won 3 urban art awards for his efforts  and is currently working on new projects
Art: Gaëlle Villedary
Photos: David Monjou

Oil in cork

Ireland has recently discovered we are sitting on a load of oil, just off the coast of Cork.


Providence Resources (80%) & partners Lansdowne Oil and Gas (20%) are the soon to be stinking rich drilling companies that have found the well. New and final testing estimates suggest that the well could produce up to 3,514 barrels a day and at $105 dollars a barrel somebody is going to get rich($368,970 rich a day).There is also a gas reserve present and both are proving to be far more productive than original estimates. Providence Resources and Lansdowne Oil and Gas company originally put 500 million into drilling off the Irish coast in 2011 making it the largest drilling operation ever to take place off the Irish coast. The oil and gas were found 50 kilometers off the coast line and at 100 meters depth in Barryroe drilling field.Providence Resources also have a number of other oil drilling contracts in Ireland including, Hock Head, Dunmore, Helvick and  Ardmore. All of these drilling sites have been drilled before and tested positive for oil. However in the 1980’s when the wells were drilled the technology was not available to extract the oil. Providence have taken advantage and are about to hit the jackpot.The extremely positive side of this is the tax it is going to create for the county if handled correctly. Tax on the extract of a national resource is at 25% at the minute. So if every thing goes to plan and 3,514 barrels are extracted a day this could mean $92,242.5 in
tax to the Irish government a day or 33.7 million a year. That is if it is done correctly.Providence oil company in 2011 started an off take agreement with Shell Trading and Marketing.

Even though oil and gas are two fuels we should be moving away from, it is great to hear Ireland getting a break.


Hottest Pepper

We all have experience the intensity of peppers burning but what is the hottest pepper. Peppers heat intensity is measure by a scale know as the scoville scale, this lets you know the amount of capsaicin in a pepper which are sensed by our chemoreceptor nerves.







The worlds hotest pepper which is know as  the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion has a scoville scale reading of 1,500,000 to 2,000,000. to put this in context it has the same intensity as pepper spray .

It can be found in Mexico and looks the same as the peppers in the picture on the right.


There are some things that are hotter than a hundred percent capsaicin though. that substance is know as resiniferatoxin. You can find it in  species of euphobia. It is 1000 hoter than pure capsaicin which gives it a scoville scale rating of 16 billion.

Resiniferatoxin can be found in a plant know as spurge. found in africa.


Hippie Van

Hippie vans


Our most recent hippie van, the T4.
Now comes in obviously a variety of comforts and big engines in comparison to the original Type 2. This new hippie van gives you all the comforts of a modern day penthouse. The style has changed but it’s status hasn’t. still craved by out door enthusiasts and people who can’t afford one the T4 does the job it’s meant to, a place to live. You could easily move into this hippie van and live in it for extended periods of time. If  not forever.





This tent like hippie van is best for living in for weekends only. however, it is not an official hippie van but it definitely deserves the attention we are going to give it. Designed for  the modern hippie who has no money at all, the hippie van tent is a cheap and cost effective alternative. If you want to be the cool guy on the camp site though makes sure know where the local hippie vans are heading as you will look like a fool if a real hippie van pulls up next to you.





 This hippie van is for the people who like to express them selves. Driving this hippie van will put a smile on you face every morning. The looks you get from people passing lets you know how envious they are. The inside, usually vintage style also has every thing you need. This van can be pricey though unless you buy a broken one and do it up. Expect to get some really cool new friends when you get one.







 The snow mobile hippie van / D.J. set, a personal favorite of mine. It’s tracks allow you to get to all the parties in the middle of the sand dunes and even better your probably going to be the party. Plenty of room for an after party inside, I’d give this camper a thumbs up.






 This ones an eye grabber. I have looked at this one now for a while and I still don’t get how your going to get in. I’ll give it very creative but as far as hippie vans go it is looking like it could be very impractical.







Alternative Weekend Breaks in Ireland

Weekend breaks can be very predictable and often repetitive, no matter how many times you change the location. By changing what you do on your weekend breaks you will make a huge difference to your experience.Ireland has what you are looking for it’s just been buried behind city break adverts and B&B specials . . . . .


Irelands back garden is full of wonderful cycle tracks that are waiting to be discovered. All you need is a bike and away you go. From the ring of Kerry to the Atlantic drive in Donegal it’s all linked together giving you an endless choice of routes. A break like this isn’t just about getting out for the exercise but it’s about seeing the country side from a different view point. Cycling the back roads of Co. Clare or Co. Galway makes you part of the nature .Being able to give the locals a wave and say hello as you pass through their homes is an option that not many modes of transport have.

Bike can be easily rented near any of the popular cycling routes.



Inland kayaking can be a lot of fun as a weekend break. Often taking you to little villages that wouldn’t even enter your head to stop and visit.
Getting a kayak instructor is strongly advised. Plus they are generally the people who find all the gear for you and know the best places to see. there are loads of lakes dotted around the country which make ideal weekend get-a-ways and immerse you right into nature. Alternatively you can go along the coast where you can kayak with dolphins or have a starring contest with a seal,look at the fantastic coast line from the sea and best of all you get a big face full of fresh air.


Walking is one of the best ways to take in the Irish landscape and with more and more clubs popping up and an increasing interest from tourist it can only get better. You can find walking routes in almost every county and most tourist information offices will give you information on the walks. Different parts of the country give different adventure. Some give fantastic views and some give you an up close experience of nature but what they all give you is a nice break away from everything. Walking is one of the cheapest ways of getting about and one of the most rewarding.

Hopefully these ideas will start the ball rolling with an alternative weekend for you and hopefully they will lead to many more adventures in the future


Hugo Pierre Leclercq also know as “Madeon” is only 17 years old and is an elecro/pop producer from Nantes in france.

Madeon started his music at age 11 and in 2010 gained his fame from his remix of “the Island” by pendulum. One of his recent songs though might be helping him develop his music career a bit faster. “Popculture” a song that squeezes 39 of Madeons favourite songs into one song  went viral recently and the hits are still climbing. This summer he’s playing in as many countries as he can. So check out his facebook page to see what he’s up to and listen to his music on sound cloud.

The Green House Effect


Jim’s “Fab Tree Hab”


Jim Mitchell a well know urban developer who has a bright Idea wants to grow trees into the shape of houses.It’s called pleaching where trees are grafted together to make shapes,just like in the picture to your left. This technique has been around for centuries but has never been done on the scale that Jim wants to do it. Where trees are slowly twisted together to form a structure.He said they take 7-10 years to grow.



Jim wants to train plants into growing into a specific geometry to grow in a certain design just like in the image to your right. Jims has named his new style of housing “a fab tree hab”. There is virtually only pros to this idea. It fits into the environment,it is not only part of the landscape but is the landscape, they live on carbon. It’s a problem solver. We can slowly turn our cities into forests.