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Red Hot Chilli Banger

Dusty Tonez, is a producer from Ireland and his beats are from the breakbeat style genre. Dusty always tries to bring in as many genres as possible, giving you your favourite hits in an entirely new sound.So far the work he has produced has been astounding so hop onto his soundcloud to see what he is all about.

The Song below is a mix with Red hot Chilli Peppers – Give it away. Dusty’s career is on just taking of so luckily for all of us a lot of his songs come with a free down load. Don’t forget to share this and let your friends know all about dusty to help him along the way.


Paint Attack

During the Baixo Centro Festival recently in Sao Paulo,Brazil.A group of activists/artists filled bin buckets of paint and tipped them out flooding one of the main junctions with paint. It wasn’t long before the streets were painted in an array of colours. Buses, cars, trucks and even pedestrians are to thank for this wonderful inspiration. But this isn’t the first time a master piece like this has been created, Iepe Rubingh had previously create the original piece at an urban art festival in Berlin called Rosenthaler Platz. He has clearly had an impact on artists all over the world to have a recreation of his work created in Brazil, the complete opposite side of the world.


Vintage Surfer Baja Hoodies

Mexican Baja hoodies were once used by surfers all over the world. They became an icon surfing item through the 70’s along the coast of California. Surfers would have regularly gone surfing the golden beaches of the Mexican coast line and bought clothing on the way back. Baja hooodies were the perfect hoodie for keeping the breeze and the sun away why remain light enough that you wern’t sweating for the whole day. These Baja hoodies come in many shapes and sizes from a normal hoodie to a poncho style.  Now Baja hoodies are rapidly returning to the main stream clothing line with a vintage surfer edge. Baja hoodies are also perfect for the climates in Ireland and the United Kingdom and this summer we should see a huge trend increase in the number of perfect surfer hoodies around the coast. The Baja hoodie fits right in with the current trend of vintage clothing which has swept the county for the past few months. Make sure to get your perfect vintage surfer mexican Baja hoodie/poncho this summer.

Baja hoodies are avaialble worldwide through this site!

When you buy two Baja hoodies you get free shipping to Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Living Planet Report – (we are going to need two planets)

The Living Planet report revealed that we are demanding so much from the earth that by 2030 we will need more than two planets to support the growth population and demand on the earths surface. In 2007 bio capacity (earths ability to meet demand for water and natural materials)  was 50% above the earths ability to provide the natural materials we need. In the 70’s the living Planet report stated, we reached the earths capacity to provide these natural materials and not once have we gone below that level since then.

The Living Planet report also said Co2 levels have a distinct comparison to consumption levels and  of course the richest countries,the highest Co2 producers are also the highest consumers of the earths raw materials.

But a change has been noted by the Living Planet report. The Living Planet report states that our governments have started to make a change and report of growing support for renewable energies. We are also noticing stricter rules on water world wide and we have begun to notice how scarce and valuable it really is.The Living Planetreport states that 2.7 billion people living in water catchment areas that experience sever scarcity for at least one month of the year.

But all is not lost. The living Planet report goes on to state changes that we can make as a worldwide community. Over 1/3 of the longest rivers in the world are free flowing without one dam situated on them and suggests that this could have a huge impact.

The Living Planet report also goes on to mention about  tigers and how they are struggling. There is currently only 3,200 -3,500 Panthera tigers in the wild and they are under threat from poachers. Their prey is also depleting in numbers which is making it very hard for them to survive. The Living Planet report mentions too about river dolphins and how their numbers are reducing due to dolphins getting caught in fishing nets, over fishing (depleting in their pray) and pollution are all leading to the decline in their numbers. The Living Planet report also states that there is not much known about the river dolphin and is a”little understood”animal. The Living Planet report makes it clear how urgent action is needed to prevent the extinction of theses magnificent creatures.


Left Brain & Right Brain

Mercedes add featuring the left and right sides of the brain in a very descriptive way. The left side of your brain being the side of your brain that calculates and works out equations, the scientist as Mercedes put it. Then there is the right, the artistic side which is depicted here by covering it in paint, Mercedes describes the right side of the brain a free spirit.


This add was designed by, Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv.

and used by Mercedes in there “best or nothing” campaign 2010



Mr. Happy man

Mr Happy Man, is an 88 year old man from bermuda thats gives up his day to spread happiness across his island make him one of the islands most cherished people.

Johnny Barnes spends 6 hours a day waving, saying hello and telling people he loves them at a roundabout on the Bermuda islands.It all start way before the roundabout was even there, a railway line use to go through where the roundabout is now situated. Johnny Barnes use to go down to the railway everyday during his lunch hour and sit on the wall shouting out at people “I love you, have a good day”.

Johnny is there come rain or shine and every day sets out to make people happy.

“One of the greatest joys that can come to an individual, is when you are doing something and helping others and you can see the reaction on their face”

Johnny Barnes is an icon on the Bermuda islands and always puts a smile on people face. The islanders have been so emotionally touched by Johnny Barnes that they have built a statue to show their appreciation for his love that he spreads every day and how he has touched their lives.

Every time you wake up you now know that,

Johnny Barnes loves you!

Mexican Baja hoodie

This summer Mexican Baja Hoodies (one of the coolest hippie clothing styles) is expected to go viral. This old school, vintage surfer shirt is going to come back with a bang and is expected to be the favourite item to wear this summer. Originally made in mexico, hippiesurfers around the world started wearing these cool pullovers as an alternative apparel . Although these hoodies are not always worn by surfer some times they make for a great general outdoor jacket because of the coarse cotton material or jerga as its know. Sometimes this hippy sweater from mexico is made of hemp as an alternative material.These baja clothes are not only available as a pullover but also as a poncho, making a huge difference over the sweatshirt style on those hot days. These premium hoodies are available in adult sizes and in a variety of different colours.

Dog Lovers

I’m guessing a lot of people have a dog/had a dog or have some sort of connection to a dog.I’m also going to guess that 80% – 90% of dog lovers have at some stage tried to talk to their dog. Well it’s good news for these dog lovers as scientist have now realised that we haven’t been wasting our time. A recent study carried out by Oporto University shows that dogs react to their owners actions. Dogs are so much in touch with their owners actions that they are more responsive to sound than sight. Scientist first noted this with the human yawn. Much like we do when we yawn it can become viral. We have all seen this happen but apparently when a dog hears a yawn (especially from their owners) dogs are more likely to have the same reaction humans do and have to yawn as a consequence.

How they discovered this was by recording 29 dog lovers / owners yawning and then place each of the dogs into a separate room, played the recording of the dog lovers / owners back and they found that dogs are five times more likely to yawn when they hear their owners yawn. Another study at the University of London’s Birkbeck College has had results that dogs will mimic human yawn 3/4 of the time.

So to all the dog lovers out there, don’t be afraid to talk to your dog because Oporto University have proved it’s not totally insane!

Drift Trike

Not so long ago I blogged about drift trike’s. Drift trike being a “big boys toy”. Like most drift trike enthusiast I was instantly sucked into this astonishing combination of plastic and tarmacadam. We spent hours typing drift trike into Google search engine and days typing drift trike into Youtube but our thirst for the friction less drift trike was still not quenched. What the outcome of our obsession lead to was two weeks of scratching our heads and talking to builder merchants that labeled us as idiots from the moment we opened the car door in their car park. What I can hopefully help you with is the “protocol” to building a drift trike, if that is what you want to call it.

The first thing we did was make a list of different things we needed for the build of the drift trike. We (the lads at the Lonely Sherpa) noticed that every drift trike have wheels (plastic ones), every drift trike has a seat (plastic, office chairs) , the front end of a bike and all of that was held together with metal in the middle.

Little did we know that building a drift trike wasn’t going to be as easy as that. For the first day or so we kind of expected it to fall from the sky. A Drift trike won’t fall from the sky! Getting the bits and pieces is easy but getting the right bits and pieces for a drift trike is the tricky bit. First of all we built a drift trike with no welds. I know what your thinking, how do you build a drift trike with no welds. We didn’t,we had a few runs down a small/flat hill in our make shift drift trike before the pressure started to bend screws. Back to the drawing board we went. By this stage we had got an old bike from our local bike shop and spare wheel borrow wheels which made up the 50% of the bits need to complete our drift trike.

The next steep is the tricky part,welding. We spent days trying to come up with a way around this and to be honest the more we though about it the more we realized why the drift trike community has never properly taken off.It is because not every body has a welder in the back garden!

We were so desperate to build it that we spent the next week thing of different ways of putting a drift trike together. Eventually we ended up caving in and were so set on the Idea of having one that we end up paying top price for a ten minute weld job. By this stage our drift trike had all it’s wheels, the front half of a bike and the metal that holds it all together. Our drift trike was looking pretty mean,still no seat though. This wasn’t to hard a stroll through some building sites  and vola a drift trike seat. Our last challenge was the sleeves or piping for the wheels of the drift trike. This was nearly the end of us. We always new we could find it some where for nothing  (we spent so much on wheel borrow wheels and welding that we didn’t want to pay for piping) but to find that ditch that some body had thrown sewer pipe in is a mission. We ended up buying two pieces of piping (connection bits) roughly 1 cm thick which did the job. After two weeks of scratching our head we had finally done it, we had made a drift trike. It was a mission and a half but ithas been worth it in the end.

If I could go back and redo this I would have made sure I had all the bits I thought I could get for free found before going ahead. Our idea of finding plastic sewer pipe magically in a ditch and finding a welder that would do it for free never became a reality. before we knew it we had blown our budget. . . . hopefully this will help you build you drift trike a bit better than us.

Happy sliding!

Full Moon bonanza


This weekend on May the 5th is when the biggest full moon of 2012 will be arriving in Ireland. 11.35p.m. will be the precise time at which the full moon will be fully visible. The reason the moon will be so big is because the moon will be the closest to the earth, approximately 221,802 miles from the surface making the biggest full moon of 2012.According to meteorologist Joe Rao the reason for this supermoon is because the moon is not on a a circular orbit but an oval orbit.The brightness of the full moon is due to be 16% brighter than usual .T


What effects can we see on earth from this super full moon, meteorologists do not expect much out of the norm but tides are expected to be higher than usual (at high tides) and lower (at low tide). The full moon or super full moon is expected to have 42% more tidal force then when the moon is at it’s furthest distance away from earth. The date at which the moon will be at it’s furthest away from earth will be on November 28th 2012.



Your chances of seeing the full moon are relatively high with Met Eireann predicting light showers and light cloud. You should be able to get glimpse of it at some stage during the night over your bank holiday weekend.


Bad Tattoo

Trailing through the net last night I found a few very poorly though out tattoos. Ranging from celebrities faces and massive corporate logos being tattooed onto the body.


You can clearly see that this is quiet a bad tattoo. It is a bad tattoo for a number of reasons. One being the choice of image. An image of an Ice cream is definitely not recommended. The second thing to note is that this bad tattoo is also on the face. If your tattoo is bad and only going to make sense to you don’t get it on your face.




Another bad tattoo is this on of judge Judy. There is a comical side to it but it is still in there in bad tattoos. If a bit more though was put into this it might have been nice but judge Judy isn’t the best person to get tattooed onto your arm.




You will have to give this tattoo some thing for it’s creativity. But it doesn’t make any sense this is definitely a bad tattoo, it makes no sense what so ever. Wolverine and a pink pony? Questions have to risen by someone when they got it done.

Last but not least is this lacoste logo. You can get it more wrong than that.


Baja Hoodie


We just got in our latest hoodies, Baja hoodies. These Hoodies are great for days out with the friends and general casual wear. We have gotten them in a load of different colours and sizes. The Baja hoodies are made in mexico and designed for use in the sun and the cool nights under the stars.





Barbecues, Garden drinks and day trips make for just some of the perfect places for this Baja hoodie. These bright and colour full hoodies capture the chilled-out look your looking for.Baja hoodies go exceedingly well with light or dark jeans, combats and nearly every type of casual clothing. The Baja hoodie is mainly worn over a garment, usually a T-shirt. Perfect for throwing over your shoulders after a swim at the beach. Once you have a Baja hoodie you will wonder how you ever lived with out one.
Brilliantly convenient!

Solar power cars


Some people think that solar powered cars are the way forward, but form this picture you might have a completely different impression about solar powered cars. This solar powered car was built by university students. There is a few flaws with solar powered cars. One being the size, a large surface area is needed to catch the suns rays in order to create the energy a solar powered car needs. The engine in a solar power car has relatively low power and most solar power cars will not exceed 50 – 60 miles an hour. Solar power cars are also thought to be very dangerous because of their low acceleration rates. Also motorways are impractical as the speed at which cars travel at on motorways, solar power cars would not have the ability to catch the rays it needs at the high speeds by other road users.

As technology moves on though solar power cars will evolve as most human ideas do. Solar power cars will get small, lighter and faster. In 2010 a new solar power car was released.Italian car designer  Pininfarina and French battery manufacturer Bolloré designed a car called the blue car. It has acceleration of 0 – 60 in 6  seconds and can reach 80 mph and has a range of 155 miles. However as time has gone on it (it now being 2012) battery powered cars are slowly over taking these solar power cars. There is definitely a place for solar powered cars in the future but they probably will not be on the top of the market.


Zorbing first originated in in the 1970’s. Zorbing is where a person is put inside a plastic ball and rolled down hill. A Zorb consists of two layers of plastic.An inside layer and an outside layer. with about a meter between them. In between these layer is a layer of  air which acts as a cushion. the rider is generally strapped to the inside of the zorb and rolled down a hill. These Zorbs are usually about 3 – 3.5 meters in diameter and some zorbs are able to strap two people into them.


Zorbing tracks are usually mounds of earth shaped like a bank to prevent the Zorb going astray. Some other tracks use are poles with wiring to prevent the ball from going astray. The zorbs go a range of different speeds obviously depending on your weight and more importantly the hill you have. The fastest speed ever recorded was50 kilometers per hour. Zorbing can also be done on water and some times even rapids Zorbing has excelled over the past few years and generally it is pretty easy to find a zorbing track near you. The dangers a very limited, if you are zorbing by yourself make sure the zorb can stop or has space to come to a stop and also make sure that nobody stands in the way of a zorb as it is rolling down hill.

Homemade slip n slides

With the recent spell of good weather we have been getting (in Ireland) now is the perfect time to go out and build your own slip n slide.

What you will need is:

One big hill, preferably that ends with water

Unlimited amounts of plastic sheeting

soapy water

Don’t forget friends! the last thing you want is a big slide and nobody to show it to when your going down.


How good your slip n slide is depends on how good your hill is. You can have turns and jumps in your slip n slide too so don’t  rule out hills that end suddenly, just make your slip n slide into a bend. obviously the steeper the hill the faster your slip n slide will be.

Now that you have your hill, lay out your plastic sheeting and make sure it is spread out correctly, bumps or folds may be unpleasant as your sliding down your slip n slide. Any turns make sure you have made a bank for them and any jumps make sure the take of is smooth and landing.

Add a lot of soapy water from the top down and make sure you have a bucket full for every time somebody takes off down it. The mixture of soap and water will add to your speed down the slip n slide.

Enjoy the sun and hope you have fun!

Soap Box Racing

Soap box racing is where a man made Kart, which you could probably call a boy made is propelled down hill at high speeds. There can be teams of two or individuals but there is usually a team of people that build the kart/box. Soap box races can be found almost anywhere in the world and are very inclusive of every body with soap box teams often ranging from 18+ to 50+. Soap box karts can be any shape and size however there is generally some weight restrictions and there are rule books.A bit surprising for such a relaxed sport. If your anyway interested in hearing them click on the button


Those rules are for the “All American Soap Box Derby” which is a governing body and lays down the international laws of soap box racing. Of course it is not always played by the rules and in 1973 a 14 year old used an electromagnetic magnet to help him win the title.Soap box racing goes right the way back to 1934.

The people who take it seriously will have stream lined soap boxes and will take great pride what they have built, however there is always the other teams who are there for having a bit of fun and often come up the wackiest soap boxes.


Eggz is a D.j. with some mixes that deserve a listen. Eggz is generally found in the back allies of limerick or in the Wicked Chicken, his local.In 2012 Eggz was featured on Break down radio and his sound cloud page has some nice cruising tracks and with funky beats to move your hips to. Eggz main style would be funk but manages to throw in some classics like 50 cent and manages to make them sound good! he has even managed to remix Tracy Chapman and make it fit in. (If you don’t like mixes though I don’t know if you’ll like that one).

Eggz sound cloud page is worth a listen to and following him to keep up with the latest funkidelic tunes

Andy Mckee

Andy McKee is a world renowned Guitar player. His main style is acoustic guitar, finger tapping mixed with a flamenco origin. As you can imagine this makes for some very unusual sounds. Andy is originally from Kansas in the United States, amazingly he is self taught. He was first noticed at the National Finger Style Guitar Championships where he became a finalist. In 2001, after his performance at the National finger Style Guitar Championships Andy mckee went on to sell 50,000 records through his independent release of 5 albums.

At one stage Andy had the top three positions for You tubes top rated videos. There has been over 100 million views of his videos combined. due to his viral videos, his success has allowed him to play to more than 200 live audiences a year. 


Andy does some fantastic covers such as Africa and Rylynn and also plays his songs which he has composed himself.  Drifting, which is one of the songs he wrote himself is definitely, without a doubt one of the songs that has helped him climb the ladder to a celebrity status.He also uses an array of different guitars including a harp guitar which until Andy McKee

used it not many people knew of it’s exsistance.  His record label is Candyrat who have helped him hugely along the way.


Drift Trikes

Drift Trikes have become the latest crazy when it comes to extreme sport. Every nitro circus fanatic wants one after seeing them in action on the T.V. show hosted by Travis Pastrana. Drift Triking is where modified trikes are drifting at high speeds down hill (or in some cases ) pulled by a car.

Unfortunately there is nobody currently manufacturing these so you will have to go out and build your own trike.

Drift trikes are becoming increasingly popular and competitions have been organised in the states so far. There seems to be a strong community of trike drifts starting to appear and it won’t be long till they are in your local area.


Clay ovens

Clay ovens are a traditonal method used to cook food. There is many different types of clay oven. Cob oven which means it was built with clay and straw, tandoori which means it is a large deep vase shape.They also often get different names such as brick oven, pizza oven, beehive oven . . .  the list goes on. They have a brick floor and chimney and like the title suggests, are made from clay.The majority of clay ovens are built out side however the can also be built inside and often seen in restaurants, like pizzerias and tandoori restaurants. Clay ovens are fantastic for an alternative barbecue and make a great garden feature. Many people build their own clay ovens as materials are relatively cheap (sometimes free) and it’s also a a brilliant D.I.Y project