Andy Mckee

Andy McKee is a world renowned Guitar player. His main style is acoustic guitar, finger tapping mixed with a flamenco origin. As you can imagine this makes for some very unusual sounds. Andy is originally from Kansas in the United States, amazingly he is self taught. He was first noticed at the National Finger Style Guitar Championships where he became a finalist. In 2001, after his performance at the National finger Style Guitar Championships Andy mckee went on to sell 50,000 records through his independent release of 5 albums.

At one stage Andy had the top three positions for You tubes top rated videos. There has been over 100 million views of his videos combined. due to his viral videos, his success has allowed him to play to more than 200 live audiences a year. 


Andy does some fantastic covers such as Africa and Rylynn and also plays his songs which he has composed himself.  Drifting, which is one of the songs he wrote himself is definitely, without a doubt one of the songs that has helped him climb the ladder to a celebrity status.He also uses an array of different guitars including a harp guitar which until Andy McKee

used it not many people knew of it’s exsistance.  His record label is Candyrat who have helped him hugely along the way.