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About us

Lonely Sherpa was created by an idea that had been staring us in the face for months. The owner, who had recently been travelling around India, brought back some unique clothes from his travels. Wool and cotton of high quality with beautiful colours. Ronan (owner) received many compliments for these clothes and was asked a number of times where people could buy similar beautiful clothing.

This continued for several months until Ronan decided that he himself could fulfil the demand for similar products. He rang some friends he had made on his travels and managed to get in touch with some suppliers in North India and Nepal. Not only did he get enough for all his friends, but also to stock a small market stall.

The Lonely Sherpa opened as a market stall in late November 2011, with the clothing in great demand throughout the Christmas period of that year. There was such a demand that Ronan decided in late July 2012, that he would take the Lonely Sherpa to the next level. Ronan launched the Lonely Sherpa Online in September 2012 and will also be returning to the market place this Christmas season with a vast variety of new clothing.

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