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Let us take you on a journey thorugh ireland


Travel Ireland is here to help you get the best experience from your holiday in Ireland. We’ve documented an outstanding number of secret spots which we highly recommend to all of our customers to see including where to go, places to visit and things to do in Ireland. The MAGIC IN IRELAND IS FOUND OUTSIDE IN THE WILDERNESS where sean focals from the pagen Irish are based. Explore Ireland from a different perspective and discover not only where our heritage comes from but also the surrounding country side of Ireland.

We want to show you something different that not even a lot Irish people can show you, we want to show you real Ireland, adventures, learning about your surroundings and of course the infamous craic. Most importantly we want you to be part of it and share our secrets with you.

Come with us on journey and we can show you the best places to visit in Ireland, whether it’s the tourist attractions you want to see or not we’ll have something exciting for you to see and learn. Travel Ireland is Irelands most unique travel guide that is PERSONALLY TAILORED TO SUIT YOUR INTERESTS, YOUR TIME HERE AND YOUR TASTE. If you’ve come to backpack around Ireland, hike the highest mountains Ireland has to offer or if you are looking for tourist attractions in Ireland we can help you.

Ireland is full of interesting places that you mightn’t even realise you are in or driving by, fairy forts, round circles and ancient historical places of interest linger in every corner of nearly every field. We’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing while traveling around Ireland and bring you to some of most must see places to go in Ireland that are off the beaten track.

If you are only at dreaming phase of your plans to visit and you are looking for things to do in Ireland you couldn’t have found a better site to start at. We’ve catalogued all our favourite spots for you in our blog so you can start flicking through and picking out your favourite ones. With adventure holiday tips, some top tourist attractions and our general travel guide of Ireland you’ll find exactly what you are looking for to MAKE YOUR VACATION TO IRELAND ONE TO REMEMBER.

Our expert travel advisors are waiting to help you plan your vacation to Ireland, make an enquiry to one of our helpful staff absolutely free and hear all the delights that await you on your tour of Ireland. We’ll happily advise you on all the places to go and help you with the little details of planning your trip to Ireland.
Let Us Take You On A Journey Through Ireland . . . .


Wondering how to prepare for your trip to Ireland, we’ve put together some fun recommendation for you to get you in the spirit of things and get to know Ireland a little before you visit. For a list of movies based around Ireland, Irish literature (which we are quiet famous for), interesting facts about Ireland and much more including Irish music, follow the link.